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Wide Backings

Wide backings are normal high quality quilting fabrics, except they come in much wider formats than the standard 45 inch wide fabric.

This allows a single piece of fabric to be used on the back of a quilt such that no seaming is required.

We offer wide backings ranging in width from 106 to 115 inch.  A extensie variety of colors and patterns are offered.

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Panels allow you to start with a large image or pattern of your liking and quickly add borders and backing/binding to create your finished quilt.

We offer a great selection of both Baby Panels as well as other Panels. 


Our Quilted Glo Kits are a great way to choose a design you love without having to find a pattern, select fabrics, and design a finished quilt top.

Unless otherwise indicated in the individual kit description, it includes the Pattern, Panel if applicable, and all Fabric for the Top and the Binding.

Please refer to each of our Quilt Kit descriptions for the finished size.


Kits Do Not Include Batting, Backing or Thread

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As fabric is cut from the last of a bolt, we generally will be left with a portion of fabric that is less than a optimal amount for a quilt.  This sometimes also occurs when a manufacture pieces the fabric within the bolt.

We package these Remnants up and offer them for sale on our website and at our shows.  Although we sometime will have additional fabric matching the remnant, frequently it will be the last of that fabric we have,

Please consult the individual remnant description for the size.


Quilted Glo offers a variety of Quilting Notions .


Products include Ruler Stands and custom seam rippers.

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